Alicia Hanks — Lexington, Michigan

This girl is 22. Hunts out men who have hit a bump in their relationship and makes her move. She’s acts so sweet and innocent saying having a big heart gets you in some messed up situations but then has her best friend txt you saying she had no idea he was with someone and if she’d known wouldn’t have talked to him and she’s cutting all ties with him. Which none of it is true she just wants to make you split up so she can move in. Check out Dustin Allen Wilson.

Bernadine Gelin the HOMEWRECKER with HERPES

Bernadine Gelin is 31 (10/1/1987) and lives in Elmont NY. She works for MJHS in Brooklyn and Frantz works for Federal Express in melville. Bernadine aka Berna aka BeanDeen has a baby named Brielle with a bum and then decided to cry to Frantz Bleus (3/27/1987) aka FB aka Mr. Herpes about all of her problems. They’ve been friends since HS. Frantz 2nd Babymother left him due to his violence in their relationship and him getting Herpes. Next thing you know, after frantz gets out of jail, calls between he and Berna became frequent and at weird hours. 4am, 6am… hours long. Frantz confessed he had herpes, and Bernadine was so desperate that “it made them stronger”. They are both 31 living in their parents house. Frantz failed to tell Bernadine that he slept with her close friend Falania Louis. This situation is so messy, and as if the Herpes was enough, Frantz also has 3 kids with two prior baby mamas. One who went to high school with him and Bernadine. His 2nd baby mama is a Nurse who he still begs to sleep with. He blames her for leaving him. Happiest life to Bernadine Gelin and Frantz Bleus. and their Herpes infested love.

Victoria Rocha — San Jose, California

Victoria is part of an agency that brings an onslaught of FLOOZY from Brazil. She goes by the name of Jane. Do you think trump would approve of this? She was here most of the summer and fall being a floozy. She’s verified on many sites. I saw her at the mall once. She was speaking Portuguese with Larissa (another prostitute and I’m sorry, her name is ELLEN according to the site haha). They were laughing at the guys they were with and talking sh1t. I heard Jane had to go home because LE caught her in a hotel and she escaped then fled to Brazil, but not without taking the American dollar with her… the agency she works for is about to be canned. Anyways, I think she should remove that mole. She looks like a deformed dog and sounds like one too. Super fat in person.

Chelsea Sabo — kelowna, Canada

This girl needs to be stopped. My bf actually had enough guilt to come forward once he had caught DRD. He came forward to say that he had cheated on me with Chelsea sabo which she said she had a guy she was seeing but nothing serious and no one would find out and they were talking back and forth for a while I saw all the txt between them and this girl has no respect for anyone lives but her own. I probably would of never found out if he didnt catch DRD. whether he caught them from her or some other sloot but He is no good to me so she can have him. She drives logging truck in kelowna so all you boys want a sloot you’ll find her in the wood or at a truck stop. We’ve all seen this girl around from the posters of her that were put up about being a home wrecker well ladies and gentlemen this sloot is real and needs to be stopped.

James Beury Rowan University [email protected]

This “Student Services Specialist” James Beury preys on vulnerable women on campus, and then exploits his position.. He tells them things they want to hear, things that will make them smile… Sure, these are things their husbands and boyfriends should say. James Beury is giving Rowan University a bad name, and dragging down a good school by being a piece of garbage.

Brittany Ramirez — ‎Los Angeles, California

Nathalia or Brittany Ramirez is a short skinny skanky animal she sleeps with everyone she can that she meets man or woman for a price or a rock of course she has DRDs and a costly drug addiction she is just the most disgusting discussing pile floozy excrement to ever come out of Modesto